We each get 24 hours every single day. Once the day is over, regardless of how you used them, they are gone for good. So the question you have to answer is this:

Did you savor every last drop?

So many of us wait for that magical moment when we can stop sacrificing and start living. That magical moment when the time will be exactly right. Maybe you’re waiting for the kids to grow up and start their own lives. Maybe you’re waiting to be debt-free. Maybe it’s the next promotion. Or once you find the partner you’ve been looking for. When you have enough money in the bank. When you know what your real passion is. When you have enough time.

Here’s a little secret for you:

Your life begins the moment you choose to live it. The magical moment is RIGHT NOW. The best time to start your new, better, fulfilled life is NOW.

Living a fulfilled life doesn’t mean that you need to take huge, drastic action (though you can). ┬áIt means being committed to change. Deciding to live your life the way you want. Choosing fulfillment over indifference. You get to decide. I think that’s worth repeating:

You control your life. You can choose the direction it takes. You can choose the path. And the destination. Once you commit to savoring every last drop, the way you look at the world changes. When you commit, you start noticing that possibilities are all around you. There are a million little steps. And, guess what?

Every single step. Every minute. Every day. The day you choose to savor your moments is the day you open your eyes. You pay attention. You make different choices. You align your life with your values. You make every moment count. You savor every last drop. This is your one and only life. You will not get back any of today’s 1,440 minutes. No matter how you use them, at the end of the day, they are gone forever.

Do not waste your precious minutes. Do not wait for the magical moment. Do not put off living your life.

Choose to savor every last drop.